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Subject: how to satisfied the women...
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shivuj 19.01.16 - 11:27pm
I cu m very early... *

secc.luv 25.02.16 - 04:13am
long for play nd thn guess her fev. position be4 riding may be good to satisfy a woman *

secc.luv 25.02.16 - 04:15am
shivuj .. bite ur fingers during s*x to play for long time. *

brytstar 28.02.16 - 11:48pm
Spend lots of time exploring all her lovely womanly parts. *

drhrny1 29.02.16 - 06:33pm
Read the entire works of Shakespeare to her, in a Brummy accent... *

hmkmongan 28.06.16 - 12:52am
Hahaha *

secc.luv 3.07.16 - 12:30pm
premature ejeculation cn be controlled by yoga nd penile practice.. *

oldr3dbull 3.07.16 - 12:39pm
Imagine donald trumps as s inches away from your face if your gonna cu m early bro *

mikeking 10.04.17 - 06:58am
Nice idea *

luxanii7 2.03.18 - 12:11pm
Going down on her and making her cu m atleast once before pounding that pus*y *

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